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My name is Erich. I'm a disabled bigender queer girl. My pronouns are they/them/their.

April 19, 2014 at 8:30pm
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The Carina Nebula in the Constellation Carina 
Image credit: ESO/T. Preibisch


The Carina Nebula in the Constellation Carina 

Image credit: ESO/T. Preibisch

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sincerely, a person who has been on prozac for 9 years

this is in response to some shitty stuff i’ve seen on my dash recently. it’s super simplified, so if you’d like to know some more indepth stuff on how exactly it works, google it—OR BETTER YET actually talk to a mental health doctor psychiatrist person wow

Yes! I take Celexa and seriously it’s no magic pill! It just makes my brain function normally. The other stuff is what therapy is for. And now after that mix, I’m healthy and I’m training to be a therapist myself :)

This means a lot to me.

There were a few points in one of my classes where I wanted to flip a fucking desk and cry because so many people were spewing out this vile shit.

I take fluoxetine/prozac and I has literally saved my life. It has helped me become happy and healthy for the first time in my life. I will gladly stay on it for my whole life if that means never going back to the way I was with unbearable OCD, panic disorder and depression. Having a sick brain sucks. Prozac along with therapy, SAVED MY LIFE, and when people try and guilt me for taking something that is necessary for my survival, it makes me think they don’t care about me at all. Actually, wait, they DON’T care about me at all if they think I’m better suffering with unmanageable MI than taking “happy pills”. Ya’ll can eat shit!

I disagree with some of this. I’ve been on pretty much every SSRI and SNRI and some definitely do have stimulating effects (people who take effexor often have this) but I definitely agree with the overall message. Lexapro enables me to function at a level I’m simply not capable of without medication, it greatly reduces my panic attacks and generalized anxiety. Mood stabilizers are a different thing altogether e.g. valpro and as the name suggests are used primarily to treat disorders with strong mood swings like bipolar (usually in combination with other medications).

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this show was under appreciated this is gold

I feel ya DW


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The backlog of rape kits has put justice on hold for a lot of people. Back in 2009, more than 11,000 untested kits were found in a Detroit Police Department storage facility. Some were more than 25 years old.

Mariska Hargitay speaks on some of the issues surrounding the rape kit backlog in Detroit, Michigan. #endthebacklog (x)

It costs between $1,000 – $1,500 to test every single rape kit. There are over 10,000 kits left in Detroit’s rape kit backlog. Your donation can go directly to testing them. Donate to the Detroit Crime Commission’s backlog initiative by clicking here.

I am pretty explicitly anti-police in every respect. But I support Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy and her push to catalogue the egregious backlog of unprocessed rape kits in Detroit. 

Her work has already identified countless serial rapists in southeast Michigan, and will continue to identify these rapist pieces of shit as she moves forward.

Who cares if this process leads to conviction or not. Just give us the list. We can take care of the rest.

"After Detroit tested the first 10% of its backlogged kits, authorities were able to link cases to 46 serial rapists." (x)

Just think about it: 46 serial rapists. And the evidence against them was out there, all the time, in those backlogged kits. And that’s just 10% of them

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Reblog if you’re bored and you want anons.



Or non anons, whatever lifts your skirt


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skyylalalicious bambooearring 💜💜


skyylalalicious bambooearring 💜💜

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Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.

— Chinua Achebe (via frantzfandom)

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help a disabled homeless trans qveer!



gods, i never know how to phrase this. i’ve moved ovt of my trailer so as to give my former partner a safer place, bvt this still leaves me homeless. i have a place to stay right now, bvt my girlfriend keeps reminding me (kind of vnnecessarily, i feel) that this is only a temporary solvtion. so. i need some money to try and, i don’t know. svrvive, and to try and move onto something better. 

(thinking abovt getting and living in a car.)

so if any of my followers or anyone else is able to help donate money or share this that wovld be a massive help. i feel like things are really vnstable bvt i’m close to some sort of resolvtion towards finally getting my shit together and i jvst need a little help. my paypal is


I wish I could help, but I’m so broke I’m also relying on/ hoping for donations. I am really sorry. I’m worried about you, and I hope someone can help you better. Followers, I’d appreciate it very much if you could signal boost and donate if you can! thanks.

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Just because race is a social construct and is *made up* doesn’t mean it’s powerless. Ignoring racism’s systematic effects on real people doesn’t lessen its power, it in fact amplifies it.

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